The Key Features


IAS providing Infrastructure as Service which includes hosting (all kind), Backups, archiving, …etc

Web Development

Help making business ready on web and social
media including domain registration, web development, Social Media, smart phone apps.


Security upgrade your infrastructure with latest security batches and maintain the highest level of security with collaboration with our partners.

Business Apps

Authorized Microsoft Applications providers including outlook, 360, and other apps. We provide apps, host them, and manage 4 them for customers.

SME in a Box

Provide advisory Job for SME’s willing to get its
operations setup on the cloud.

We are Building Capabilities for

5G Use cases
IOT apps

Partner to Huawei in
5G Technologies and Enterprise

Our Partners

Contact Information

We are here to help. One of our senior partners will contact you within 2 hours of receiving your request. “Our business is reviving yours”.